BMW E60 5 Series – Minimal Modifications Is More??


Here is a great example of how a luxury car can be modified without going over the top like many of the ricer boys do. I’ve always been a fan of subtle modifications which give cars a very clean and sleek look. Sometimes, less is more. Let’s have a look at this 2005 BMW 530i.

The owner of this vehicle started with minimal modifications to the engine to increase performance. An RPI intake scoop has been installed along with an RPI Section II free-flow exhaust system painted in matte black. The suspension also received an upgrade by incorporating JIC Cross coilover suspension to help improve an already great handling luxury sedan.

With the new suspension, the car sits a bit lower. To make it more esthetically pleasing, DPE ST-10 wheels have been installed in 20×9.5 in the front and 20×11 for the rear. For better grip, Falken 452 tires are being used. To make it stand out in the crowd, a carbon fiber finish hood and trunk have been installed. The BMW has also been fitted with yellow HID fog lights. As for the interior, most of it has been left stock. The only changes worth mentioning include the I-drive controller which can normally be found on the BMW M5 model.

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  1. Now, that’s impressive! I believe in subtle modifications too. I hate the flashy mods that a lot of people go for and screw up the looks of their ride. I have modified the lights of my beemer 530i with the orion V2. They look amazing. Checkout my blog if you wanna take a look. I have even posted a video there.

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