AC Schnitzer F11 5 Series BMW


AC Schnitzer has been in the business of tuning BMW’s for years now and with each new model released from BMW, the German tuner continues to raise the bar. The newest creation is for the BMW F11 5 Series Touring model. The German tuner is referring to it as the AC Schnitzer ACS5 Touring F11.

The modification package that is available for the BMW 520d increases power to 218 horsepower while the 525d gets boosted up to 245 horsepower. The 530d gets an upgrade in power to 286 horsepower and the 535d gets a big dose of power to 360 horsepower.

The exterior of the cars get various aerodynamic pieces from M-Technik to give it a more aggressive look for both the touring and the saloon models. Some of the exterior pieces include chrome grill, front spoiler, and side skirts. As for the rear of the car, the cars receive a roof spoiler. The suspension of the car is also improved with a spring kit enabling the BMW to have improved balance between sports oriented performance and driving in comfort. The package also has wheel upgrades available ranging from 18 inch to 21 inch in various designs. A few examples are Type V forged alloy wheels, Type IV silver and bi-color, Type VIII in bi-color, and the all new Type VIII racing forged wheels.

The interior of the car also receives minimal touches such as a new steering wheel with carbon fiber touch ups. The iDrive System Controller has an available aluminum cover. The pedals and foot rests also come in aluminum.



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