The Sinning Audi A1 1.4 TFSI By Senner Tuning

Tuning package for Audi A1 by Senner Tuning

The “Goodie Two Shoes” Audi A1 has officially become a sinner thanks to Senner Tuning and their hot little tuning package for the car.

The tuning kit for the 1.4 liter TSFI Audi A1 starts off with an aftermarket air filter which allows for air flow. Senner Tuning has also made changes to the ECU mapping to squeeze out a few more ponies out of the little engine. By changing the ECU maps, horsepower for the Audi A1 goes from 122hp to an impressive 156. Torque is also increased from 200Nm to 250Nm. The car also receives a free-flow custom built stainless steel exhaust system to match the new found power.

Modified Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Tuning Package

For the looks department, Senner Tuning has slipped on 18-inch allow wheels in black complemented by S1 Evo Hankook tires. The Audi A1 also gets a spring package that helps lower the car by 35mm. With the modifications mentioned so far, one can expect to pay close to $6,100.

Other performance parts are available from Senner Tuning such as an all-out sports suspension, carbon fiber trim pieces for the interior of the car, and rear lights in LED. These are add-on options from Senner Tuning.



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