Easy Handling B30 Yacht by B-Yachts

B30 Yacht sailing

The B30 by B Yacht is the perfect blend of performance and elegance. The B30, unlike the B38, has the capability to be sailed single-handedly. The yacht is perfect for sailing enthusiasts but without all the hard work involved in sailing.

The deck and hull of the B30 are made out of carbon fiber over a sandwich core, using epoxy resin. Because of the large ballast ratio and minimal drag, the 32 feet yacht feels a lot more stable which is normally found on bigger boats.  The B30 is all about comfort, especially with the generous cockpit layout and arrangement which is carved out of teak wood and a comfortable seating area to sit back and enjoy the sea.

The B30 yacht also features a diesel Volvo engine and the whole package can be yours for $125,000.




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