Bentley Silver Wings Design Study

Bently-Silver-Wings-ConceptBack in 1999 Bently unveiled their concept car called the Hunaudières.  Like most concept cars, the Hunaudières didn’t make it to production, that didn’t stop two industrial design students from China to resurrect the project as a design study.

The two students are Guohua Cheng and Shawn Wood from China’s Tainjin Academy of Fine Arts.  The cars is called the Bently Silver Wings and takes its design cues from other supercars such as Aston Martin, Pagani, Saleen S7 and of course Bently.

The Silver Wings car has a very sleek design and has the familiar Bently front fascia.  There are a lot of air intakes all around the car, which is mandatory on supercars.  One of the coolest features of the car is the missing rear view mirrors, instead there are winglets, I’m assuming they hold rear view cameras.

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