Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept

What if the iconic Volkswagen Golf GTI went electric? The Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept aims to answer that question. Based on the previously shown ID. 2all concept, it boasts a sportier design with black trim around the headlights, a larger lower grille with honeycomb mesh, and black fender flares.

With dimensions smaller than its gas-powered counterpart, this electric hot hatch offers an interior resembling the ID. 2all model, featuring tartan sport seats and a golf-ball-styled drive mode selector.

Powertrain details, availability, and pricing in the United States remain undisclosed at this time.

Exterior Design Features

The exterior design of the VW ID. GTI Concept incorporates several key features that contribute to its sporty and aggressive appearance. It is equipped with black fender flares, which enhance the car’s presence on the road.

The sculpted side skirts further accentuate its athletic stance. In terms of lighting, the ID. GTI Concept is fitted with vertical LED fog lights, providing both functional illumination and a distinctive visual element.

Additionally, it features a deeper front lip spoiler, which not only enhances aerodynamics but also adds to its overall sporty appeal. Moving toward the rear, a black spoiler on the hatch and dark-tinted taillights create a cohesive design language that signifies performance and sophistication.

Overall, these exterior elements reflect the dynamic nature of the VW ID. GTI Concept while maintaining an aesthetic balance between style and function.

Dimensions and Cargo Capacity

Smaller in most dimensions compared to the current gas-powered Golf GTI, the ID. GTI offers a cargo space of 17.3 cubic feet, which is smaller than the Golf GTI’s 19.9 cubic feet. The ID. GTI has an overall length of 160.4 inches and a wheelbase of 100.7 inches. It is also 1.4 inches taller than the Golf-based GTI sold in the US. With the back seat folded, it provides a total cargo space of 47 cubic feet.

The powertrain details for the ID.GTI is undisclosed at this time, including battery capacity and performance specifications as well as availability and pricing information in the United States market.

Interior Design and Technology

Featuring tartan sports seats and a golf-ball-styled drive mode selector, the interior design of the electric hot hatch showcases elements reminiscent of classic GTIs. The ID. GTI Concept’s interior aims to provide a sporty and nostalgic feel for its occupants.

The tartan sports seats not only offer visual appeal but also provide comfort and support during spirited driving. The golf-ball-styled drive mode selector adds a touch of uniqueness to the cabin, allowing drivers to easily switch between different driving modes. Additionally, the steering wheel features an illuminated 12 o’clock mark, enhancing visibility and adding a sporty touch.

The 10.9-inch instrument cluster can be customized to display classic GTI instrument clusters for those seeking a more traditional look. Furthermore, an augmented reality windshield-sized head-up display is integrated into the interior, providing important information directly in the driver’s line of sight.

Overall, the ID. GTI Concept’s interior design combines modern technology with retro-inspired elements to create an engaging and liberating driving experience for enthusiasts.

The interior design of the ID. GTI resembles that of the ID.2all concept, featuring tartan sports seats and a golf-ball-styled drive mode selector. The steering wheel is sportier with an illuminated 12 o’clock mark, and the instrument cluster can be changed to classic GTI instrument clusters measuring 10.9 inches.

Final Thoughts

The Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept is an electric hot hatch that showcases a sportier design compared to its predecessor, the ID. 2all concept. With its black trim, red highlights, and larger lower grille with honeycomb mesh, the car exudes a sense of power and aggression.

The interior features tartan sports seats, a golf-ball-styled drive mode selector, and a 10.9-inch instrument cluster that can be customized to resemble classic GTI instrument clusters.

While powertrain details, availability, and pricing in the United States remain unknown, this concept car promises an exciting future for Volkswagen enthusiasts.



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