Video: Angry Chinese Destroys His Lamborghini Gallardo

Angry Chinese lamborghini gallardo owner destroys car

A Lamborghini Gallardo owner in China was not a very happy camper after receiving a lemon Lambo and dealing with mechanical failures during his six-month ownership. He had the car towed to the Lamborghini dealership and the car was damaged in transit on the way to the shop. To make matters worse, no one was willing to take responsibility for the damage. And to make things just a bit more interesting, his car still failed to work properly after having his Gallardo serviced at an official Lamborghini dealership.

Fed up, the owner tried to solve the issue and contact Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann. With no solution or answer for the Gallardo owner, he took matters into his own hands. You may ask, “what kind of matters”? Oh you know; like hiring a crew equipped with sledgehammers to destroy the lemon Lamborghini Gallardo. He also notified the media of the event in the hopes of getting public attention. The Gallardo may not have worked but getting the attention sure did!

By the way, the Lamborghini Gallardo which normally costs $230,000 in the US costs more than $500,000 in China. And Ferrari, please take note!!




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