Toyota 4Runner Backcountry by Four Wheel Magazine



Four Wheel Magazine’s Project Toyota 4Runner Backcountry is one tough looking off road vehicle.  The 4Runner concept was made by Four Wheel Magazine and was part of Toyota’s SEMA show line-up.  It’s meant as a “self-contained exploration rig”, for exploring places that are not reachable by other vehicles.  I also think this truck would make the perfect vehicle for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

On the outside the 4Runner Backcountry is all business, it has been raised by 3 inches for better ground clearance to over rough terrain or zombies.  The stock suspension has been replaced by heavy duty Old Manu Emu (OME) parts with new springs and shock absorbers.

To complete the rough look, the 4Runner comes with Falkin Wildpeak All Terrain tire (P285/70 R17) with super-tough Teflon coated ATX Mojave wheels.  There is a massive black bumper in the front with rock crawling shield, a brush guard (bull bar), an extra pair of HID lights and a Warn XD9000 winch for those sticky situations.  There are more lights mounted on the roof rack which also houses the roof mounted tent.  The truck comes with a 13-gallon water tank and has a wide array of navigation and communication equipment which has been integrated into stock instrument panels.

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