Project E92 M3 By IND Distriubtion

IND Distribution E92 BMW M3

IND Distribution E92 BMW M3

The boys over at IND Distribution have truly out done themselves this time with an amazing tuning package they have put together for one of their customer’s BMW E92 M3.

From the looks and sounds of it, money was not an issue when it comes to this project car. Virtually every aspect of the car has been modified. The first thing you will notice is the extremely aggressive stance and exterior modifications. In the front, a BMW Motorsport M3 GT4 Front Lip is installed, M3 Edition front grilles, Varis Japan Diffuser, Varis Japan GT Wing, and awesome Volk TE37 wheels.

On the interior of the car, the eyes are overwhelmed with amazingness. The IND BMW M3 features a Nardi 380mm steering wheel in suede, M3 GTS door sills, IND shifter extension, IND modified Recaro seat slider, and gauges by Defi. And of course, the beautifully built and intricate roll bar.

Once you pop the hood of the car, an ESS tuning VT2-600 Supercharger kit with a custom intake manifold can be found patiently waiting to be used and abused. The BMW also has the KW ClubSport coilover suspension setup and big Brembo GT-R brakes with slotted discs.

For further details about this car project, check out TS.

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