Nissan GT-R By Axell Auto



The reason many people look forward to major Auto Shows is to check out all the new products that are going to arrive at the market place. Some of these products are just concepts or teasing the consumer while others are actual things that will soon be available for sale. Well, the girls are also a good reason.

Anyway, the Tokyo Auto Salon is only weeks away and lots of strange and sexy products are to be expected. One car that we are looking forward to is the almighty Nissan GT-R.  Axell Auto, who generally specializes in modifying Toyota soccer mom vans, have made things really interesting this time around.

The have created a beautiful wide body kit for the all new Nissan GT-R sports coupe. The body kit includes wide fenders, new body panels, and matching wide body rear quarter panel fenders. The body kit also features a vented bumper. Sexy new wheels are also expected of course. The body kit is still “under construction” but you get the idea based on the pictures. No word on what types of engine modifications have been completed on the car by Axell Auto Nissan GT-R. You can be sure that we’ll keep an eye out and update you once details are available.

Via: Jon Sibal

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