Ford Racing Mustang Boss 302S



Ford Racing unveiled their latest Mustang race car at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, Florida.  The car is called the Mustang Boss 302S and it replaces the FR500S and is meant for track use only and can be raced in series like NASA’s American Iron and SCCA’s World Challenge or for people that just like to go to track days with full-spec race cars.

The Boss 302S slots between the Boss 302 Laguna Seca and Boss 302R race car that competes in the Grand-Am series.  The Boss 302S is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine producing 440 horsepower and features the stock transmission, clutch and flywheel.  The interior is stripped of carpet and sound-deadening materials to save weight and is equipped with an FIA-certified six-point roll cage.  Other goodies include a Recaro HANS Pro Racer seat, six-point racing seat belts, a fully adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes, a fiberglass hood, and an adjustable front splitter and rear spoiler.

Pricing for the Ford Mustang Boss 302S are set at $79,000 and only 50 cars will be available from the Ford Racing catalog.


Via: Ford

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