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Ever since the Porsche Panamera was introduced in the German auto maker’s line, I wasn’t too fond of it. In my opinion, it took away from Porsche’s racing heritage. US tuner Vorsteiner has turned their attention to the Porsche Panamera and came with a settle, yet eye catching kit called the V-PT Edition.

The V-PT kit for the Panamera is made out of carbon fiber for strength and light weight. The front bumper incorporates a splitter and removable carbon fiber insert. An optional carbon fiber duct is available to direct air to the factory radiator and intercoolers.

Panamera also gets new side skirts, a ducktail rear spoiler and a brand new rear bumper with an incorporated rear carbon fiber diffuser. The rear diffuser is a neat addition from Vorsteiner as it helps aid in removing heat from the exhaust and trapped air in the rear wheel arches.

An optional exhaust system is offered for the Panamera which comes in stainless steel or titanium. The titanium option has a 40 percent weight saving difference from the factory option.

For more information of the Vorsteiner V-PT Edition Porsche Panamera kit, please contact your local Vorsteiner distributor.

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