Video: Ferrari 458 Italia vs Shelby Cobra 427 – Drag Race

Shelby-Cobra-vs-Ferrari-458-ItaliaBelow is a video of a drag race between a 1965 427 Shelby Cobra and a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia, “Old American Muscle vs. New Italian Elegance”.  The Cobra is heavily modified and the Ferrari in stock form; the race was a $400,000 bet between friends Dan Bilzerain (Cobra) and Tom Goldstein (458 Italia).  Dan bet Tom that his American Muscle could beat the 458 Italia in a race.

You all know the end results without even watching the video and I personally think the “race” proves nothing, a few points:

1.       Heavily modified lightweight Cobra vs. stock Ferrari, even though the Cobra is old, it probably consists of a lot of modern “modified” parts.

2.       With a name like Goldstein, you know the guy is probably a banker or a CFO, that doesn’t know how to drive; proven by his lame attempt at a burnout at around the 1:50 mark in video 2.

3.       Drag racing is for people that don’t know how to drive 🙂

If you don’t want to watch all the pre-race hype, jump to 2:00 mark in video 2.




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