The One – Custom Motorcycle by Fat Attack


Super sexy Harley Davidson based custom motorcycle; “The One” is built by custom bike builders, Fat Attack from Switzerland.  Who knew the Swiss had custom bikes in their blood, I guess all that watch making experience paid off.

The One is a great looking custom motorcycle with a really low ride height and a pronouncing rear tire.  The exhaust system is unique, very elegant and masculine all at the same time.  The bike’s headlight reminds me of some sort of a robot eye from a movie that I can’t recall.

The One makes use of a lot of aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium for the body parts in place of steel, giving it a weight saving of 132 pounds (60 kilograms) over the stock bike it’s based on.  The V-Twin engine has been messaged to produce 110 horsepower reliably and it can be serviced at a regular Harley Davidson shop.  Like any custom motorcycle, The One has a very high price; it’ll cost you $145,000 to get one of these beautiful machines into your garage.

Via: Unfinished Man




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