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40 years later and the tradition of offering ingenuity and performance at an affordable price point continues to this day. Although Nissan did not unveil the much anticipated Hybrid 370Z, the car still delivers in performance and features.

For the 2011 Coupe model line up, there is the 370Z base model and 370Z Touring model with each one having the option of being upgraded to have the Sport Package. The coupe model is also available in the sporty 370Z Nismo starting at $39,990. The convertible 370Z is available in the base model starting at $37,520, the 370Z Touring starting at $41,070, and finally the 370Z Touring with Sport Package starting at $43,890.

Just like the previous 350Z, the 370Z uses the VQ family of engines but upgraded to a 3.7 liter engine which produces 26 more horsepower than the previous model. The base 370Z V6 engine produces 332 horsepower with 19 mpg/city and 26 mpg/hwy. The Nismo 370Z produces 350hp and 270 pound feet of torque.

Add-on features that give the 370Z a more modern appeal include the touch screen NHDNS (Nissan Hard Drive Navigation System), XM NavTraffic, and XM NavWeather.

Available trims:  370Z Base, 370Z Touring, 370Z Roadster, 370Z Nismo, 370Z Roadster Touring

MSRP – $30,610 – $43,890

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