Glasgow Kiss by Kootenay Motorcycle Art


In the world of custom choppers there are hundreds of companies producing bikes that have tons of chrome, huge rear tires, and some pretty nasty paint jobs.  For that reason I try to stay away from posting about them, some people like that style but it ain’t for me.

There are certain exceptions, choppers like the “Glasgow Kiss”, which gives the custom bike an elegant and understated look.  The bike is built by Robbie Kerr at Kootenay Motorcycle Art, a Canadian custom motorcycle builder.

The Glasgow Kiss takes its design inspirations from a 1945 Harley Davidson Flathead with a modern twist on the design.  Everything on this bike is oversized, the frame is made out of 1 ¾” tubing and you’ll definitely notice the front forks that are make out of 2 ½” tubes.  The bike rides on massive 18” wheels that are 300 mm wide at the back and 280 mm wide at the front.

A powerful 120” JIMS engine was used to complement the menacing look; a 5-speed transmission is used to put the power to the massive tires.  The matte blue paint nicely offsets the unpainted aluminum pieces.


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