Black Desire – Prior Design Tuned Mercedes E-Class Coupe


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe is one of the nicest luxury coupes currently offered in the marketplace, I personally love the car’s exterior; the interior is a whole ‘nother story.  German tuners Prior Design took the elegance of the E-Class coupe and threw in a bit of sporty flavour with the Black Desire package.  The kit consists of visual tuning only, which is also available on the E-Class convertible.  There is an optional engine upgrade available and depending on the engine, the power output can be increased by up to 75 horsepower.

The Prior Design E-Class coupe comes with a completely new aggressive front bumper with vents on the sides and a small chin spoiler.  The sides get sporty skirts and a small diffuser and a roof and trunk-mounted spoilers are found at the rear of the car, in addition to a 4-tip exhaust system.

The interior can be ordered with various carbon fiber pieces, the exterior of the car is finished in beautiful black metallic paint with Prior Design logo’s instead of the familiar Mercedes star.  The car rides on 20 inch Prior GT sporty rims that are also available in silver, gloss black, and matte black.  The car sits 35 mm lower than stock, finished off the sporty look very nicely.

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