Video: McLaren MP4-12C vs. McLaren F1 GTR



The all-new McLaren MP4-12C is the second road-going car produced by McLaren; of course the first one was the famous McLaren F1.  Not only does the MP4-12C have big shoes to fill, it has some tough competition from Germany and Italy.  The question, however is, can the MP4-12C beat the old McLaren F1?  That is what AutoCar set out to do in the video below.

The comparison takes place between a MP4-12 and a McLaren F1 GTR, which is a full blown race car that weighs half a ton less than the MP4-12C, it also won the 24 Hours of LeMans race, doesn’t seem too fair.  So who wins the race, at what looks to be the Top Gear track?  Watch the video after the jump to find out.

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