VF Engineering Tuned Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS3



I had written a post about the Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 a few months ago, while I like the whole package, I did think the wide body as a bit too wide and this is coming from a lover of wide bodies.  Car tuning company VF Engineering took the Vorsteiner GTRS3 and put their own twist on the car.

Painted in a shade of dark green, the M3 seems to be going for a military look with stickers like “Danger Exhaust” above the exhaust tips.  The US based car tuners installed front and rear radar detectors in the M3 because you’ll be going pretty fast with the car’s 620 horsepower and you don’t want a ticket to ruin a perfect day of speeding.  The increased horsepower comes courtesy of a supercharger which is only boosted to 6 psi.

In my last article I wasn’t sure how big the wheels were, I knew they were really big.  The mystery is solved, the VF Engineering Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 sits on 10.5” x 20” wheels in the front and 12.5” x 20” in the back, this thing will grip the road nicely.  The Vorsteiner body kit used on this car is entirely made out of carbon fiber and only 100 will be produced.


Via: AutoEclectic

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