Toyota Celica F430 – Ferrari Replica Car


Toyota celica replica of Ferrari F430

Yikes! Some kid on e-bay has done it once again. That is, disrespect an exotic car by making a replica of it. Here we have a Ferrari F430 that is based on the Toyota Celica. To give the e-bay seller some credit, at least he didn’t go the main stream route by using a Pontiac Fiero. The owner of this ‘Toyota F430’ should actually be pretty proud when compared to this Lamborghini Murcielago replica based on a Chevrolet Camaro.

The ‘Toyota F430’ looks good from far but far from good. I’m guessing he can still pick up plenty of girls and convince them it’s a Ferrari. I mean, my sister’s friend thought she saw a Ferrari once but it was actually a Ford Mustang (all because of the horse on the back).

The exterior of the car at least resembles the Ferrari F430 a little bit but the interior is pretty bad. Have a look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean. The seller of this Ferrari replica is asking for $45,000 while a standard used 7th generation Toyota Celica goes for about $7,500.



  1. tymacz32 says

    LOL at the CELICA door sticker since that would have been one of the cheapest things to change. However, the number one fail of most replicas is the $45,000 dollars spent on car than would get wasted by some a mid 90’s mustang v6 or GT…. SO you could never look cool with this car unless is parked with the engine off and doors closed… save your money and buy a poster lol.

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