2011 Nissan 370Z GT Edition

Limited Edition 370Z GT Edition for Europe

The Nissan 370Z happens to be one of my favorite sports cars. What makes it my favorite is the fact that it is affordable, is a very handsome car, plenty of power, and has history dating back to 1969 with the Datsun 240Z. Nissan has just launched a special edition of the Z called the […]

Nissan Esflow Concept Unveiled At Geneva


Nissan has finally unveiled the much anticipated Esflow Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The Nissan Esflow uses a lot of the technology from the award-winning Nissan Leaf. The Esflow looks like a sports car, handles like a sports car, performs like a sports car, yet it is much different than your average sports car. […]

Car Video: Nissan GT-R vs Lamborghini Murcielago Drag Race


Below is a video of a drag race between a Nissan GT-R and a Lamborghini Murcielago, the race features a rolling start at 10 mph and ends at 120 mph. The Nissan GT-R is in stock form and is powered by a V6 engine with 480 horsepower, comes with All-Wheel-Drive and is mated to a […]

Nissan GT-R By Axell Auto


The reason many people look forward to major Auto Shows is to check out all the new products that are going to arrive at the market place. Some of these products are just concepts or teasing the consumer while others are actual things that will soon be available for sale. Well, the girls are also […]

Nissan 370Z – The Affordable Sports Car


40 years later and the tradition of offering ingenuity and performance at an affordable price point continues to this day. Although Nissan did not unveil the much anticipated Hybrid 370Z, the car still delivers in performance and features. For the 2011 Coupe model line up, there is the 370Z base model and 370Z Touring model […]