Fifth Gear Reviews The Ferrari Four


Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell finally gets his hands on the latest supercar from Italy.  Tiff drives the Ferrari Four (FF) on some scenic twisty mountain roads to see if it does indeed feel like a real Ferrari and ends the video with the FF being driven around on slick icy roads to see how well […]

Ferrari Four Online Configurator


Hot on the heels of the Aventador configurator, Ferrari has launched their configurator for the FF (Ferrari Four).  The FF’s configurator is much more fun compared to the Aventador’s and you could easily spend hours customizing what your FF would look like, if money were no object. The FF’s configurator pretty much lets you customize […]

Pictures: Ferrari Four (FF) Playing In The Snow


Ferrari has released more pictures of their latest Grand Touring car, the FF (Ferrari Four) due to an overwhelming number of requests.  The set of pictures shows the FF playing in the snow and highlighting the FF’s four-wheel-drive system.  Photo gallery after the jump.

Ferrari Presents The 2012 FF


Ferrari have just released pictures and some info on the much anticipated 612 Scaglietti replacement car, however, I didn’t expect it to be a four-wheel-drive hatchback, this is the first time Ferrari has used a four-wheel-drive system on their cars.  I saw spy shots of it but I thought it was a joke by Ferrari!  […]