Black Beauty: Anderson Germany Ferrari F430 Spyder 16M


The Ferrari F430 was one of my favorite modern-day exotic cars until the 458 Italia took its place.  Nevertheless, the F430 still holds a special place in my heart and thankfully there are still car tuning firms that like to give the F430 some lovin’. Anderson Germany took a Ferrari F430 Spyder and gave it […]

Ferrari F430 By Premier 4509 And Wheels Boutique


Another tuner, another body kit, and another set of wheels. Is this what tuning is these days? Slap on a few parts and call it a special edition? But to be fair, why mess with perfection such as the 2010 Ferrari F430. Premier 4509, which is Veilside’s luxury brand, had previously released a body kit […]

The Beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia Super Car


Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the hottest cars available on the market today, and no I’m not referring to the 458’s catching fire.  The Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest offering from Maranello and is the replacement for the company’s V8 powered F430. I really liked the design of the F430 but didn’t like […]

Car Video of the Day: Underground Racing Ferrari F430 Spyder


Underground Racing is my kind of company; they take powerful exotic cars and make them super-powerful!  Take for example the Underground Racing Ferrari F430 Spyder, the car has been equipped with twin-turbos and produces a massive 1,000 horsepower and an exhaust note that makes grown men weep.