Continental GT

2013 Bentley Continental Sanguis by Mansory


All the car manufacturers and tuners are ready for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and there is press release after press release of information about 100’s of vehicles. The vehicle I’m bring to light today is the Bentley Continental by Mansory. The vehicle is referred to as Sanguis by Mansory and has a tuning package […]

Prior Design Bentley Continental GT


The Bentley Continental GT in its stock form is a very boring car. There’s nothing much to the car, except for a lot of weight. Unless you shell out a lot more for the Continental Super Sport, which receives a little more to the outside and gives it an aggressive look. German car tuners Prior […]

Onyx Cars Tuned Bentley Continental GTO


Irish tuners Onyx Cars are normally known for tuning SUV’s but this time they turned their attention to the luxurious British coupe, the Bentley Continental GT.  The tuners didn’t provide the exact figures on horsepower but did say that output will be over 660 horsepower, up from 550 bhp stock. The body upgrades consist of […]

Amari Design Tuned Bentley Continental GT


Amari Design has recently entered the car tuning arena, they’ve already wowed us with their Gallardo and Range Rover Sport and now they present us with the Bentley Continental GT.  Unlike the other two vehicles, they haven’t given a name to the Continental GT, yet. The Amari Design Continental GT features a tasteful body kit […]

Bentley GT Speed Elegance Edition by Anderson Germany


The exotic car tuners Anderson Germany are at it again by tuning a Bentley called the Bentley GT Speed Elegance edition.  The Bentley Continental receives a minor power boost of 85 horsepower, pulling out a total of 695 hp from the W12 engine.  The power increase is achieved by upgrading software, a new air filter, […]

2011 Bentley Continental GT Photos & Specs


We first saw the 2011 Bentley Continental GT at the Paris Auto Show earlier this year, now Bentley has released official pictures of the updated 2011 Continental GT.  The pictures were taken in Oman, I believe based on the license plates in the pictures. The updates include a crisper look all around the car and […]