BMW 6 Series Gran Sport Coupe 4 Doors


When the Mercedes CLS was introduced, it was a hate it or love it design. At first I hated the design and didn’t think it was necessary to have a coupe design with 4 doors. There was barely any head room for the rear passengers and the rear window was too small. My opinion changed […]

AC Schnitzer ACS6 5.0i Tuning Kit for 2012 BMW 650i

AC Schnitzer 2012 BMW 650i

German car tuning firm AC Schnitzer brought a tuning kit for the 2012 BMW 650i, to the Essen Motor Show in Germany.  The tuning kit for the 650i is called the ASC6 5.0i and it helps make the coupe look a little more aggressive and perform better. The tuning kit includes a new lower lip/apron […]

Kelleners Sport Tuned BMW 1M Coupe


Here’s the world’s first tuned BMW 1M Coupe, by German car tuning company Kelleners Sport.  The tuning kit, called KS1-S, includes performance and visual upgrades to make the 1M Coupe look even more aggressive. The Kelleners Sport 1M Coupe sees a 20% increase in horsepower to a total of 410 HP, up from 340 HP […]

Ultimate Sleeper: Edo Competition BMW M5 Dark Edition


Some people might call station wagons mommy-mobiles but they’d be dead wrong for thinking this Edo Competition tuned M5 wagon is just another grocery-getting station wagon.  Called the Dark Edition, the tuning package is based on the old BMW M5 Touring (E60). The BMW M5 Dark Edition looks very sinister and could possibly be the […]

AC Schnitzer Tuned BMW X3 CUV


The BMW X3 cross-over has been in production for a while now, 2010 saw the introduction of the second generation X3 and ever since then, car tuning companies have been coming up with new packages to improve the look and performance of the small CUV. German car tuning firm AC Schnitzer have also turned their […]

The Lightweight BMW M3 CRT Sedan


BMW has released a very exclusive and limited edition of the M3 dubbed as the CRT (Carbon Racing Technology). This sexy beast was unveiled during a BMW M event right before the Nurburgring 24-Hour race. This limited edition utilizes the body styling of the current M3 sedan in conjunction with technology used on the M3 […]