Anderson Germany

Black Beauty: Anderson Germany Ferrari F430 Spyder 16M


The Ferrari F430 was one of my favorite modern-day exotic cars until the 458 Italia took its place.  Nevertheless, the F430 still holds a special place in my heart and thankfully there are still car tuning firms that like to give the F430 some lovin’. Anderson Germany took a Ferrari F430 Spyder and gave it […]

Stealth Mode – Aston Martin DBS by Anderson Germany

Aston Martin DBS tuned by Anderson Germany

Is it possible to make the very sexy Aston Martin DBS any sexier? I had my doubts but Anderson Germany seems to think it is possible. After looking at the pictures, yes, it certainly is possible. Who would have thought that such minimal changes can make such a drastic appearance? Anderson Germany new package for […]

Ferrari 458 Italia Black Carbon by Anderson Germany

Ferrari 458 Black Carbon Edition Anderson Germany

Anderson Germany has taken the Ferrari 458 to hell and back. It has come back as the 458 Black Carbon edition and is leaner and meaner than ever. The Ferrari 458 features a carbon fiber package that includes cf spoiler lips, vents on the hood, new side view mirrors, and a rear diffuser. The 458’s […]

Anderson Germany Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano


The Anderson Germany tuned Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano receives minor power and styling upgrades, I can’t really call it a tuned car.  The upgrade includes a Hamann sourced sports exhaust system that adds an extra 30 horsepower to the already powerful supercar and that’s the extent of the performance tuning. The stock Ferrari 599 GTB […]

Black Beauty: Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Hyper Black Edition


Anderson Germany has tuned their second Audi R8 V10, called the Hyper Black Edition; their first car was called the R8 Racing Edition.  Like that car, the Hyper Black Edition gets a modest improvement in the horsepower department. The 5.2 liter V10 engine now produces 589 horsepower (an increase of 64 HP) thanks to a […]

480HP Porsche Panamera By Anderson Germany


The Porsche Panamera has been on the market for a little while now and after market tuners are finally starting to pay attention to this luxury sports sedan. Anderson Germany has just come up with a tuning package for the Panamera 4S starting with some engine modifications which include a software update and exhaust modifications. […]