Stealth Mode – Aston Martin DBS by Anderson Germany

Aston Martin DBS tuned by Anderson Germany

Aston Martin DBS tuned by Anderson Germany

Is it possible to make the very sexy Aston Martin DBS any sexier? I had my doubts but Anderson Germany seems to think it is possible. After looking at the pictures, yes, it certainly is possible.

Who would have thought that such minimal changes can make such a drastic appearance? Anderson Germany new package for the Aston Martin DBS tinkered with the idea of a matte black and red theme. Black and red theme is a sure thing on any car regardless of how ugly and it seems to work very well for the DBS. The exterior of the DBS wrapped in matte black vinyl wrap and matching five-spoke wheels in black to match the paint job. The red painted calipers give it a nice contrast against the black exterior.

The interior of the DBS features plenty of black leather with lots of red stitching and alcantara. Carbon fiber trim is also plentiful inside the DBS. At the moment, we don’t know if this is just an aesthetic package or whether there will be performance upgrades.

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