Sportec Porsche 911 GT2 RS SP800R – Long Name, Amazing Results

Sportec Porsche SP800R

Sportec Porsche SP800R

This is probably one of the longer names I’ve seen for cars recently with the Sportec Porsche GT2 RS SP800R. But the name is not important, what matter is the performance and looks of the mighty Porsche GT2 RS.

With the help of Sportec, the SP800R is now capable of putting down 800 horsepower and 900Nm of torque thanks to the Sportec K24.800 hybrid turbo kit. Other performance modifications include a quad titanium exhaust system, a massive intercooler, ECU tuning, sports cam shafts, a performance clutch, and Sportec’s own connecting rods. With the new found power, the Porsche is now able to do the 0-60mph in just over 3 seconds and apparently has a top speed of 373km/h or 233mp/h.


As for the exterior, the Porsche GT2 RS receives a front lip spoiler and a rear spoiler extension which both are made of carbon fiber. The car also gets a Sportec suspension setup which helps the lower the car by 25mm along with 20 inch Mono/7 wheels.



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