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German tuner speedART will be presenting their newly tuned Porsche vehicles at the Essen Motor Show; the cars will include the Titan EVO Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Turbo BRT II 650 EVO, and the Panamera PS9-570.  The Cayenne hasn’t been revealed yet but speedART did provide us with three pictures, which look pretty good in our opinion.

The first thing you’ll notice on the Titan EVO Porsche Cayenne is the new body kit which includes new front and rear bumpers, side-skirts and 23 inch wheels.  The front bumper is very aggressive and gives the Cayenne a very sporty look and we like it.  The CTS-FORGED 23 inch rims however leave much to be desired and would be better suited on a Cadillac Escalade.  To complete the sporty look, new lowering electronic module is offered on Cayennes equipped with air-suspension and for cars with conventional suspension, a lowering kit with springs and coil-overs is available.

The interior gets minor upgrades with carbon fiber single shell seats and special interior colors.  The Titan EVO Cayenne will also feature a rear-seat entertainment system that integrates the Apple iPad and iPhone.  An interior customization package will also be available for those customers that want more changes to the interior

The engine on the Cayanne has also been tweaked resulting in increased horsepower and torque, for all the versions in the model line.  The Diesel Cayenne gets an extra 50 horsepower and 52 pound-feet (70 Nm) torque, the hybrid Cayanne gets an extra 70 horsepower and 37 pound-feet (50 Nm) of torque, and the Cayenne Turbo gets 100 added horsepower with 111 pound-feet (150 Nm) of torque.  All models will also get sport exhausts with sound switch control and 2×100 mm dual tail pipes.

speedART Porsche Cayenne Titan EVO Pictures:

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