Saab PhoeniX Concept



The 2011 Geneva Auto Show was full of new concepts and innovative technology from almost all of the manufacturers and car tuners. To no surprise, Saab was showcasing their new concept vehicle call the PhoeniX.

Known for their innovative technology in the automotive industry, Saab has taken the opportunity to create a concept vehicle that is efficient and very futuristic.

Powered by a 1.6 liter turbo engine with a 34 horsepower rear wheel drive electric motor, the PhoeniX produces a combined 200 horsepower. With Saab’s eXWD system, the vehicle uses regenerative braking to charge the small batteries that power the electric motor. Fuel savings come along with lift control, fuel cutoff function, and variable valve timing.


The design of the PhoeniX is hate it or love it. The front of the car is very appealing where the rear looks more like a GM EV1 from the mid 90’s. According to Saab head designer Jason Castriota:

The PhoeniX establishes a new reference point for the future of Saab product design. It symbolizes a renaissance of the innovative spirit and passion that drove Saab to build its first car. We’re now taking the visual DNA forward with what we call ‘aeromotional’ design, adding emotion, power and fluidity. This design aesthetic will shape and differentiate future models in the Saab portfolio.



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