Porsche Boxter + Volkswagen Bug = The Bugster


There have been many occasions when people chop two cars and weld them together to turn them into something completely different with questionable results.  The Bugster is also a coming together of two German cars but the end result is a pretty cool car.

As the name would suggest, the Bugster is a combination of a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle and a 2000 Porsche Boxter.  The car was created by Austrian Siegfried Rudolf who owns CarMaxx, a shop that restores Porsches and Volkswagens.  He got the idea when he parked his restored Beetle next to his wife’s Boxter and realized how similar their wheelbase was.


The top portion of the Boxter was sawed off and the floorpans of the Beetle were removed; the Beetle’s shell was placed on top of the Boxter for a nice fit.  New custom fenders were installed to house the 18” rims with adjustable suspension.  The dashboard belongs to the Boxter while the door panels came from the Bug.

The end result is a 270 horsepower Beetle that should handle extremely well and look like a standard Beetle from far.  It’s when you get close to the car that you’ll notice the bigger fenders and air intake vents on the side, which should clue you in that something’s special about this car.

Via: Bugster

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