Pontiac Fiero Turned Into A Lamborghini Muira



Unfortunately most of us have seen the poor Pontiac Fiero turned into numerous cars, namely the Countach and Diablo.  However, this time it’s a little different thanks to the owner of Chop Top Fiero in Illinois, who opted to build a replica of the iconic Lamborghini Muira out of a Fiero, called the Fiura.

The Fiura is powered by an LS3 V8 engine and a lot of time (over three years) went into making the car as accurate as possible to the Muira, without spending a fortune on the build.  Archie (the man behind the project) had to scour the internet for hard to find Miura parts and made the entire body out of fiberglass.  Head on over to Pennock’s Fiero Forum for the full thread, be warned, the thread is pretty long but worth the read.

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