Pogea Racing Helps Audi A1 Grow Balls

Modified Audi A1 by Pogea Racing

Modified Audi A1 by Pogea Racing

The spiffy little Audi A1 just grew a pair balls thanks to Pogea Racing getting their hands on one and playing around with it (the Audi A1 that is, not balls). Pogea Racing is calling the modified A1 “A Force One” which has been tuned by optimizing the ECU settings.

The Stage one tuning package helps increase the power of the Audi A1 from 122 horsepower to 156 horsepower while the torque goes up to 196 pound-feet (266 Nm) from 148 lb-ft (200 Nm). With the new found power, the car apparently has a top speed of 152 mph (245 km/h). Stage-Two includes an updated coilover suspension from KW, Brembo brakes, and performance air filter system.

As for the exterior of the vehicle, the Audi A1 (A Force One) gets a set of OZ Racing Aleggerita HTL alloy wheels and ET35 Sport Contact 3 Continental tires. The car also gets a new exhaust system with 76 mm tailpipes to give it a throaty sound to match all that new power.

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