Alfa Romeo Art Work by Federico Alliney


Those of you familiar with movies might have heard the name Federico B. Alliney, for others he is the man behind creating the world/scenery in the blockbuster movie Avatar. Alfa Romeo has now turned to Federico to create stunning artwork for some of their most iconic cars.  The artwork created is called “Cross & The […]

Zenvo ST1 Supercar Escapes From Hell – Coming To The USA


One of the coolest and downright demonic looking cars, the Zenvo was first introduced in 2004 in Denmark.  The ST1 will be available in the USA thanks to Red Sea Distribution, an Indiana based importer.  We’re glad the car is coming to America but not too happy about the price, which is set at $1,225,000, […]

Renntech Tuned C74 Konzept AMG Mercedes


Renntech will be showing their C63-based AMG Mercedes C74 Konzept car at the SEMA auto show.  Renntech has put on a very aggressive wide body kit on the Merc and have tweaked the engine to produce even more horsepower. The body kit includes a carbon fiber front lip, a spoiler and a rear diffuser.  The […]

First Super Cars Test Drives The 2011 Jaguar XJ


In collaboration with our friends at Unfinished Man, here’s our first car review/test drive.  For a complete review of the 2011 Jaguar XJ please visit Unfinished Man. The 2011 Jaguar XJ was provided to us by MCL Motor Cars and we drove around in it (in style) for three days.  The new Jaguar XJ is […]

FAB Design Upgrades a 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG


The Mercedes SLS AMG is one of our favourite new(er) supercars, however it seemed to lack the aggressiveness we’re accustomed to in supercars.  FAB Design has cured that by putting massive 20 inch rims on the car.  Other improvements to the bodywork include a new aggressive front bumper, making the SLS AMG look a lot […]

Bentley Silver Wings Design Study


Back in 1999 Bently unveiled their concept car called the Hunaudières.  Like most concept cars, the Hunaudières didn’t make it to production, that didn’t stop two industrial design students from China to resurrect the project as a design study. The two students are Guohua Cheng and Shawn Wood from China’s Tainjin Academy of Fine Arts.  […]