Kawasaki W800 Retro Motorcycle


Kawasaki recently showed the vintage looking W800 motorcycle, which is a successor to the very popular W650, which was launched in 2004 and retired in 2006.  The W800’s design pays tribute to the classic Kawasaki W1 motorcycle, which was first introduced in 2006. The Kawasaki W800 bike is powered by a parallel 2-cylinder 800 cc […]

Senner Tuning Mercedes-Benz ML500


The Mercedes ML500 isn’t the prettiest looking SUV in its original form but Senner Tuning from Germany went and destroyed it. Sure they tuned the ECU and upped the horse power from factory 388 to 412 hp and 416 lb/ft of torque. But they didn’t do enough to make it look aggressive or appealing. The […]

1000 Horsepower Cult Energy Drink Challenger SRT-8


The Cult Energy Drink Challenger SRT-8 is the epitome of a true muscle car, it has sinister looks and produces 1,000 horsepower. The Cult Energy Drink Challenger SRT-8 project started in the summer of 2009, everything on the car has been upgraded including a wide body with super wide tires in the front and the […]

DARTH “VAETH” ER – Mercedes V35


If Darth Vader had a sedan, it would be the VAETHMercedes E350 CDI-based V35 sports sedan. This all black, sleek sedan would go perfect with his all black gear and personality. VAETH starts out by tuning the ECU to give the car 276hp and 428 pound foot of torque. Decide to go with an aluminum […]

Pimped Up Bentley Supersports by Anderson Germany


How do you make a stupid fast car even faster?? Give it to the boys at Anderson Germany and they’ll give you a stylish, fast, can’t wipe the grin off your face Bentley Continental GT Supersports. They start by tweaking the Supersports’ ECU, adding a lighter and free flowing exhaust, with sport air filters. These […]

Bucky Fuller’s 3 Wheeled Concept Car – The Dymaxion


This three-wheeled car or van was designed by Buckminster Fuller, called the Dymaxion.  It was designed in the 1930’s as a concept car that we may drive in the future.  The design of the Dymaxion was way ahead of its time and kind of reminds me of the VW bus from the 70’s.  The Dymaxion […]