New Jaguar XJ Tuned by Arden


Jaguar tuner Arden has released their latest creation, the Jaguar XJ AJ 22. The outside gets treatment via 21 inch, two tone lightweight alloy rims, stainless steel mesh grill, and LED fog lights. A nostalgic leaping cat is added to the hood as Jaguar discontinued that a few years back.

The new 5.0L engine is upped in horsepower by re-mapping the ECU, Arden high performance stainless steel exhaust, and Sport metal catalytic-converters. These additions are good for 95hp and 89ft/lb of torque.

The interior of the Jaguar XJ from factory is very impressive and elegant. Arden lets their customer customize the interior with a few different options. Finishes, including Conoll leather or Alcantara. In addition to that, Arden gives their customers the liberty to choose the car’s trim; with carbon, chrome, and wood being the options. A dynamic lighting system on the interior of the XJ is installed with indirect light positioned on specific areas of the interior, allowing the lights to accentuate the overall design of the XJ’s interior. An entertainment upgrade is also available for the XJ.

Arden Jaguar XJ Picture Gallery


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