Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost: Francisco Cordero Edition



It looks like the new trend is to modify extreme luxury cars to be even more luxurious. The company, Mansory, has released a tuning kit for the all new Rolls Royce Ghost which left many scratching their heads because the car had a blue and gold theme. Not too sure why people wouldn’t like a blue and gold theme. Hell, if they don’t like it, I’ll take it!

MLB player, Francisco Cordero, decided to pick up a Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost but wanted to add a more personalized touch to it. Cordero’s Ghost not only has the Mansory treatment but the car also received 24 inch white rims with a very deep dish chrome finish. The wheels apparently sit on high-performance tires to provide more driver confidence. Do you really need more confidence when you’re rolling on 24’s in a Mansory Rolls Royce?

The front of the vehicle features daytime LED running lights and vertical side air intakes. The exterior also features newly designed side skirts to offer a sportier look. The rear of the car also gets a new bumper. Other wise, the car remains untouched.

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