Jaguar Increases the XF’s Visual Appeal with the Black Pack


I had the pleasure of driving the Jaguar XF for a weekend last year and overall it was a positive experience.  The XF has outstanding styling and it had heads turning everywhere I went.  Now Jaguar has decided to improve the looks even more with their new package called the “Black Pack” for the XF.  The package costs £950 and is currently only available in Europe and can be added to the standard XF, XF Diesel and the potent XFR.

The Black Pack consists of 20 inch Draco wheels that are painted in gunmetal color, the front grill has been blacked out as well as the window surrounds.  The Black Pack can be added to cars that are colored Ultimate Black, Spectrum Blue, Lunar Grey, Polaris White, Liquid Silver and Stratus Grey.  The Salsa Red and Kyanite Blue colored cars can aslo be equipped with this package, however, these colors are only available on the Jaguar XFR.

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