Ferrari 599 GTB Butchered by Graf Weckerle



German car customizers Graf Weckerle Imperialwagen just released pictures and specs on their tuned Ferrari 599 GTD, called the Conte Noir.  Now the name sounds cool and the overall package is pretty nice with custom black paint and the engine mods.  But when you see the hideous wheels you will shed a tear (or a lot of them), all I can say is what the f**k were they thinking????  These guys don’t deserve to be called car tuners and I wonder if the douchebag next to the Ferrari 599 is Mr. Graf Weckerle?  If it is him, you sir deserve to be beaten with a stick or dragged behind this poor 599 GTB.

On to the good parts of the car, the engine has a bi-compressor upgrade (whatever that means) and now produces an awesome 835 horsepower.  Top speed and 0 – 60 mph figures were not provided but I’m sure they’re impressive.  The Graf Weckerle Ferrari 599 GTB sits lower on coil-over suspension that can be lifted 40 mm at the front for when going over speed bumps and other pesky things.

Overall this is a pretty good package but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over those nasty 21 inch forged aluminum wheels.  I’m sure I’ll have nightmares for a while.

Graf Weckerle Imperialwagen Ferrari 599 GTB Picture Gallery:

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