Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Gallardo By Tecnocraft



Giving a high end sports car the carbon fiber treatment always makes it even sexier than it already is. This time, Famous Autosports and Tecnocraft have teamed up to and come up with the ultimate carbon fiber body kit for both the exterior and interior for the Lamborghini Gallardo.

By changing many of the things over to carbon fiber, Techocraft was able to up to 300 lb in weight over the factory Gallardo. The list of parts switched over include front bonnet, an aerodynamic underbody panels, rear diffuser and wing, engine covers, bucket seats with racing harnesses, and an air box.

All this sexiness does come at a cost however. Just the bumper, rear wing and diffuser will set you back $15,800. But then again, if you can afford a Lamborghini Gallardo, what’s a few thousand more?

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