Autobot Roll Out – Transformers Special Edition Camaro



We were first introduced to the resurrection of the Chevrolet Camaro in the first installment of Transformers back in 2007. Fast forward four years and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is to be released on June 29 and once again, the Chevrolet Camaro is one of the main characters as Bumblebee. Chevrolet is really taking this opportunity to reach out to the younger crowd with the Camaro and with the Transformers franchise.

Making that connection with the younger fans, GM has launched a limited edition Camaro model based on the “Bumblebee” character. The Transformers special edition package, which will add an extra $3,000 onto the 2LT and 2SS Camaro coupe with Rally yellow paint. On top of the RS package, the special edition package will have extras like, black rally stripes that cover the hood, roof, trunk and a unique spoiler.

A set of black 20 inch wheels, with Autobot logo on the center caps, with summer tires and Autobot badges on the front quarter panels finish the exterior changes. Also as an option, GM will offer black 21 inch wheels and a black ground effects package to make the car look even more like the one shown in the movie.


Inside, the yellow theme is carried throughout with yellow stitching on the seats, instrument panel, center console and armrests. Autobot shield logos are embroidered onto the front headrests and glove box.

You will be able to go to your local GM dealership in July to put your order in with delivery expected in US and Canada in September.


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