Amari Design Lamborghini Gallardo Invidia Edition



The Lamborghini Gallardo is often compared to the Ferrari 360 and 430 and it doesn’t get too much attention, kind of like the red headed step child. Although both cars are from the same country, Ferrari is still looked upon as an Italian icon.

Amari Supercars, based out of the UK are going to change some minds after introducing their first Amari Design Gallardo Invidia Edition. Amari Supercars, one of the largest pre-owned exotic dealerships have reached out into the exotic car tuning market.

The Gallardo gets a fresh look on the outside with a re-styled front bumper, front carbon fiber lip, new front fenders, quarter panels, side skirts, rear bumper, carbon fiber diffuser, carbon fiber spoiler, and a new stainless steel exhaust.

The interior also gets the carbon fiber theme, which can be color matched to the outside or any color the customer prefers and new carbon fiber seats with Alcantara.

Good looks need to be backed up by high horsepower. Their in-house super mechanic, John Greatorex increased the 5.0 L V10 from 513 horsepower to 740 HP. Although no word on what exactly bumped up the horsepower to those levels but a twin turbo conversion wouldn’t be a bad guess.

The Amari Design Lamborghini Gallardo is not officially launched yet and this is only an artist’s rendering, the official car should be ready for viewing by the end of April.


Via: Unfinished Man

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