A Special Edition BMW 1M Coupe In The Works?


BMW will be officially unleashing their potent little 2012 1 Series M Coupe next year at the Detroit Auto Show, which is very exciting news for all of us that love fast cars.  The 1M Coupe is reported to be powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbo inline-six engine that will produce around 345 horsepower, official numbers not yet released.

Now there are rumors floating around about a special edition 1M Coupe that will be even more powerful.  Jon Sibol has spoken to a source at BMW about the possibility of a lighter, faster and more powerful E82 1M Coupe which will take inspiration from the E36 LTW, E46 CSL and the E92 GTS.

Jon has created a rendering of what the 2012 BMW 1M CSL Coupe could look like and I must say, if the car looks like his rendering, sign me up!  It looks hot and mean and would make for an awesome car to beat around the track.  Stayed tune as we bring you more information on this car.

Via: Jon Sibal


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