2011 Nissan 370Z GT Edition

Limited Edition 370Z GT Edition for Europe

Limited Edition 370Z GT Edition for Europe

The Nissan 370Z happens to be one of my favorite sports cars. What makes it my favorite is the fact that it is affordable, is a very handsome car, plenty of power, and has history dating back to 1969 with the Datsun 240Z. Nissan has just launched a special edition of the Z called the 370Z GT Edition which is based on the European model. Unfortunately, the car might not be available in North America from the sounds of it.

The 370Z GT Edition is available in three body colors, Pearl White (my favorite), Kuro Black, and Black Rose. The 370Z also features retro-inspired racing stripes along the rocker panels much like the S30 model from the 1970’s.

The GT Edition Z also features 19-inch forged wheels which are available in a anthracite finish. Nissan engineers also retuned the chassis of the Z making it more suitable for high speed driving and applied more sound deadening material to the underside of the car to keep it quiet at higher speeds on the track. Other extra goodies on the GT Edition include a tire pressure monitoring system, Premium Connect satellite navigation system which includes a rear view camera, and an 7-speed automatic transmission which includes snow mode. The 7-speed transmission is optional.

The Nissan 370Z GT Edition will be available in Europe starting next month at £35,000.

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